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LEAK TECH, pool leak detection & repair specialists, can find and repair any leak.
If your pool has a broken pipe under the pool or around the pool area.


Pool leaks are a serious problem that all pool owners face. Leaks can create long term side effects including structural damage to the pool shell, damage to concrete, lawns and other surrounding areas.
Pools are meant to be watertight, but sealants will deteriorate and other parts of your pool shift and settle or just wear out. Pools can leak through any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing or even through the shell. It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, heat and chemicals, but to prevent serious damage to the ground supporting the pool shell.

A concrete pool can actually rise and float out of the ground when it becomes empty because of the excess water adding to the water table.
The first challenge is to confirm whether your pool actually has a leak - or is the water loss due to other factors, such as excessive splashing or by natural evaporation.

*in 95% of cases.


. You may have a leak if:
  • The water level is dropping faster than normal
  • The pool has air in the system
  • There is a significant increase in you water bill
  • There are soggy spots around the pool
  • You add water more than once a week
  • The pool area is lifting
  • You see cracks appearing in and around the pool area
  • You are using more chemicals than normal
  • Your automatic pool filler is running more than normal

bucket test



There are many reasons Why pools leak including:

  • Your pool may have leaked from the day it was built
  • During construction a pipe fitting may not have been glued properly
  • Ground settling issues can cause plumbing to sag and break
  • A small leak in pipes can cause tree roots to migrate toward the moisture in the soil and the roots will wrap around pool plumbing and crack a pipe
  • Pool tile grout can crack below the normal water line, or the pool might just develop a crack
  • Any place where plastic pipe comes through the pool shell can Develop leaks as the pools interior finish begins to deteriorate
  • As weather changes your pool will expand and contract and generally making small leaks bigger leaks
  • Small leaks always create a larger problem eventually

The longer a leaking pipe, liner or pool shell is left unrepaired the more costly it can be to fix and become an unrepairable problem if ignored!!

The Bucket Test

A quick and easy way to determine if your pool is leaking or if it is evaporation is to perform a bucket test:

1. Fill a five gallon bucket to 3/4 full or to within three inches from the top.
2. Set the bucket on the second step of the pool if possible, making sure that the water level is higher on the inside of the bucket.
3. Turn off the pump and ensure water is still.
4. Make a mark on both the inside and outside of the bucket to indicate each water level leave in place for 24 hours.
5. Measure the change in water level for each mark.
6. If the difference on the outside (pool level) is greater than the inside (bucket level) you have a leak - please get in touch!

Finding & fixing your leaks.


Leak Tech use sophisticated electronic equipment, tests and techniques that will confirm if your pool has a leak and calculate water loss measurements in minutes! We can pressure test plumbing lines, pinpoint underground plumbing leaks and locate leaks in any pool structure.

An underwater hydrophone listening device is used to locate even the smallest pinhole leaks. We provide leak repair solutions for virtually any pool shell such as vinyl, acrylic, fibre glass and gunite built swimming pools. We are also equipped and qualified to dive all year round.


If a leak is located in the pipe work Leak Tech are the Costa Blanca's official & exclusive distributor of the newly patented POOL PIPE REPAIR system, invented and development in the USA by PDU. pdu

It provides the perfect solution to repair underground pipes in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional excavation. We install the pipe liner with minimum disruption to your surroundings and the liners can even be installed with the water in the pool!!
No other company in this area offers such a convenient, unique and cost effective solution for the repair of underground pipe work. It will save thousands of euros in machinery and labour costs. The product also comes with a two year guarantee.

We guarantee that we will find your leak....
  • We will find your leak!!.
  • Prompt and efficient service.
  • All work is carried out to the highest standard.
  • We will supply a written test report showing what was tested and what the results are.
  • Give recommendations for repair and supply a written estimate of costs.
  • We are fully legal and carry all necessary insurances (copies can be supplied on request).

Our Services.

Leak detection is a highly specialised business and LEAK TECH are a professional company offering the most modern methods of leak detection and repair. Ninety five percent of pool leaks turn out to be inexpensive to repair. But if you cannot take care of the problem yourself then we are qualified and equipped to do it for you.

We offer you the following services:

  • Detection of leaks in pools by gathering information and confirming leaks
  • Pressure testing of underground plumbing lines
  • Repair underground plumbing leaks
  • Electronic listening technology
  • Dye testing & repair of structural leaks
  • Full repair of piping
  • Including concrete cutting and replacement if required
  • Replacement of skimmers
  • Underwater patching of vinyl lining
  • Repair of structural cracks around the pool area
  • Repairs can be made to tiling underwater without draining the pool
  • Replacement pumps and equipment
  • Qualified PADI diver, equipped to dive all year round

  • Underwater video / photography to show pool damage / repair work
  • Small to major repairs to cracking of the pool shell
  • Full pool re tiling
  • Helium testing
  • Electronic pipe location
  • Acid wash and re-grouting
  • We only use professional leak repair products

We are a fully legal business and carry all necessary insurances
(copies can be supplied on request).

Please Note: We are not a pool cleaning company

Our Coverage.
We cover from Mazzaron in the south to Denia in the north (coast) and as far inland as Jumilla & Yecla, as our standard coverage area.
If you are oputside of these areas, please contact us to discuss further.

You can call us during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 7.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 1.00pm